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What Are the Steps to Buying a Home?


What are the steps to buying a home? You’re starting to think about becoming a homeowner, or maybe you’ve even started to look at listings. Either way, you likely have lots of questions, from the general “how tos” to specific queries around financing, different home types and locations, to how to make an offer. To help simplify what can be a complicated process, we’ve outlined the steps to buying a house in Canada.

What is Renovation Mortgage Financing?

The good news is that you’ve found your dream home. The bad news is it’s a bit of a fixer-upper. You’ve saved for the down payment but do not have the money to undertake the necessary renovations. Fear not, homebuyer! There are many options available to help you finance the renovations, so you can stop dreaming and start enjoying your new home.

7 Key Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Renovating your home is an enormous undertaking, no matter how lavish or understated your vision. It takes plenty of time and money to bring your dreams to life when it comes to home remodelling. To get the most out of your project, we’ve compiled a list of the key home renovation mistakes to avoid.

Are Modern Houses More Energy-Efficient?

Are modern houses more energy-efficient? Though this wasn’t a question that many homeowners considered decades ago, we’ve reached a point – both socially and technologically – where energy efficiency has become a real consideration and priority in building houses. With the effects of climate change on the rise, Canadians have become more and more invested in doing their part to minimize their environmental impacts.

How Do You Buy a House Before Selling One?

How Do You Buy a House Before Selling One?

Here are three tips to buy a home while selling your own:

#1 Research

After making the biggest purchasing decision of your lifetime, you are now poised to complete the second-largest purchasing decision of your lifetime.

10 Expert Tips for Staging Your Home to Sell

You’re about to move up into a home that better suits your lifestyle. Congratulations, it’s an exciting time! But before you can do that, you need to sell your current home. The goal of any seller is to get the highest sale price in the shortest amount of time. If that’s your objective, too, consider staging your home.

Top Tips for Making Your Home Renovation Pet-Friendly


A home renovation can be pretty exciting, especially if you’re finally in a position to make long-awaited changes.

How Much Can a Renovation Add to a Home’s Value?

How much can a renovation add to home value? That depends on a number of factors, but here are a few of the best home renovations to consider.

How to Navigate Multiple Offers – for Buyers AND Sellers

Indeed, deciding on the right offer is more complicated than simply accepting the highest bid. Every seller will need to consider a number of factors for potential homebuyers, such as their financing and the seriousness of their offer. At the same time, buyers will need to weigh things like the fine print within contracts and even blind bidding.

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